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  • Superior Fuel Economy
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  • Superior Fluidity
  • Superior Overall Economy
  • Superior Oxidation Resistance
  • Superior Operating Temperature Range

The uninformed have always assumed that AMSOIL synthetic lubricants were more expensive than conventional products. It is true that the initial cost is higher than most petroleum-based products, but an investment in AMSOIL synthetic lubricants is an investment in your business. AMSOIL saves businesses money by improving fuel economy, reducing maintenance costs and downtime, and extending drain intervals.

Reduced Maintenance
Because AMSOIL lubricants are superior to conventional products, equipment maintenance is needed less often. The unsurpassed protection, cleaning and cooling properties of AMSOIL keep moving parts looking and working like new, reducing equipment malfunctions and failures. Extended drain intervals are key to improving bottom lines. Changing fluids less often means buying them less often. It also means equipment is in the shop less often, reducing maintenance needs and downtime and improving efficiency.

Less Downtime
Less maintenance and extended drains mean less downtime, and less downtime means equipment is working more often and getting more done. It also means less time spent working on equipment when there are other things to be done.

Longer Lasting Equipment
AMSOIL products improve equipment’s durability because they provide superior protection. Less wear, stress and strain on moving parts allows equipment to last longer, reducing replacement costs.

Better Fuel Economy
Fuel economy is becoming more important with each passing year. Gas and diesel prices keep rising, putting a major strain on businesses that rely on vehicles and heavy equipment in their daily operations. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants improve fuel economy by allowing moving parts to move more freely, using less energy and creating less friction than when conventional lubricants are used.

The use of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, gear lubes and transmission fluids can have a profound impact on fuel economy. Industry tests demonstrate an average conservative decrease in fuel consumption by two to five percent by switching to synthetic lubricants. Many AMSOIL customers report even larger gains in fuel economy. Doesn’t seem like much? Click here to see the calculations

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What Can the OIL ANALYZERS Fluid Analysis Program Do For You?

Imagine being able to see exactly what’s happening inside an engine, gearbox or hydraulic system. OIL ANALYZERS Fluid Analysis is a preventive maintenance tool that provides a picture of both the fluid condition and the internal condition of a component or system without disassembly. OIL ANALYZERS Fluid Analysis will:

The Right Environmental Choice
Because of their molecular engineering, AMSOIL lubricants significantly reduce emissions.  Furthermore, according to a 2006 study by the U.S. Department of Energy up to 80%,  or 348 million gallons per year, of used oil is disposed of improperly.  AMSOIL’s extended drain intervals can make a dramatic reduction in the volume of used oil and filters.

Waste Oil Disposal
Extended drain intervals also prevent the disposal of additional waste oil. Disposing of used oil is typically costly and barrels of used oil take up a great deal of space in the shop. A fleet of 60 vehicles using conventional oil and conventional oil change intervals produces 1,080 gallons of waste oil every year. By switching to AMSOIL, that same fleet would produce only 360 gallons of waste oil per year. Less waste oil means lower disposal costs, more shop space and a cleaner environment.

  1. Synthetic Oil is Molecular Engineering for Modern Engines
    New lean burning, high output engines often run hotter than 240° F. New electronically controlled automatic transmissions have less aerodynamic cooling and are extremely viscosity-sensitive. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants are chemically engineer for thermal stability. They deliver dependable, long-lasting performance and protection that helps equipment last longer.
  2. Better fuel economy by 2% to 5%
    AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have higher lubricity than conventional oils. That means less friction on moving parts, less heat, less wear and fuel savings averaging 2% to 5%.
  3. Extended Drain Intervals up to 25,000 Miles
    Many AMSOIL motor oils provide more than three times the service life conventionsl petroleum oils. The AMSOIL Signature Series - MAX Performance Engine Oils has a recommended service life/drain interval of up to 25,000 Miles or one year.  Longer drain intervals means convenience and savings AMSOIL customers, and much less oil for disposal.
  4. The Right Environmental Choice
    Conservative estimates put the amount of waste oil dumped into the environment each year at over 240 million gallons. As simple as this sounds, using long-service life AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, the environment benefits.
  5. Keeping it Cool
    The superior lubricity of AMSOIL synthetic oils reduces friction, lowering lubricant temperatures by 20 to 50° F. AMSOIL retains its protective film, on bearings, at engine temperatures that destroy regular lubricants.
  6. Reduces Oil Consumption
    AMSOIL synthetic base stock and additive package work to keep it clean and running efficiently. AMSOIL lubes don't “boil off” like conventional petroleum oils. They stay inside your engine, lubricating, cooling and protecting moving parts. Lower oil consumption and more efficient operations also mean lower emissions, another environmental benefit.
  7. Unbeatable Cold Temperature Performance
    AMSOIL Lubricants are synthetic; they are molecularly engineered with pour points as low as -60°F. This cold temperature fluidity gives motorists easier winter starting and fast lubrication to vital engine parts. Cold engine starts are responsible for causing 60% of all engine wear.
  8. Finest Filtration In The World - with Nano Technology
    AMSOIL oil and air filters are unmatched in both efficiency and longer service life. Nano Fiber technology provides absolute removal of 5-20 micron dirt particles.  AMSOIL also provides a BY-Pass filter technology utilizing this revolutionary technology, extending AMSOIL synthetic oils even further with oil analysis. See the TRIGARD engine protection plan.
  9. Lubrication Excellence for a Wide Range of Applications
    AMSOIL uses only the best synthetic base stocks and additive. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and Filtration Products are applicable to a wide variety of automotive, commercial and industrial equipment. Being "the first in Synthetics" didn't make AMSOIL the best, but, being the best has kept AMSOIL first.
  10. Unsurpassed Customer Service
    AMSOIL retains a full staff of chemists, lubrication engineers, engine specialists, filtration experts and lubrication industry consultants. They are available to answer questions and assist with special projects and applications.

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